The Message That Works

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Recreating your world with the power of your thoughts.


The history is determined by the events which happened in the past
that lay hold on the memories which serve as a base that every human
race operates their lives, and events that occurred towards purpose
for life. The spoken words that affected our race today was exercise
on the platform of our believe system of who we are, what we can do,
and what we cannot do, the kind of dream that we can dream of, and the
kind of vision that we can envision for ourselves. All these have
impact on our digestive system on how we receive the messages and
process the messages for the activeness to our physical being in
nature. Times without numbers, we have dwelt on a path of a message
that entangled our motive of re-creating our world for today purpose,
just the way and manner we dream and wants to run with the vision that
connected to our dreams.

Getting stalk in a rut is not an excuse from how your supreme-being
(God) wants your life to be in this emerging generation. The better
way is to hold on to that message that works wonders through the power
of Holy Spirit and you! That will give you a new history to re-write
on a platform of gold and diamond. I see you at that place you dream
and destined from the time of creation, I see you smiling to the top
of your career with Christ. Amen! You are love by your Heavenly
Father, wow! That’s the message.

The Message That Works
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